Join us for a delightful evening of indulgence at the Scottish Honey Tasting Experience! Get ready to savour the rich flavours of Scotland’s finest honey varieties.

Immerse yourself in the world of honey as our expert honey sommelier Gino will guide you through a unique tasting journey. Discover the distinct characteristics and aromas of different types of honey, sourced locally from Edinburgh, Lothians and other picturesque locations in Scotland.

During the experience, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a wide range of honey varieties, learn the story of the bees that produced them, and finally unwind with fellow honey lovers for a convivial dinner.

Whether you’re a honey enthusiast or simply curious about the wonders of honey, this event promises to be a sweet adventure. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to taste the natural sweetness of Scotland. Book your spot now!

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“My friends and I attended a superb honey presentation and guided tasting event hosted by Dr Gino Jabbar this summer.

I have reviewed many restaurants for print publications over the years and always enjoy the challenge of figuring out the many flavours of food and wine but had no idea about the incredible complexity and diversity of honey. What an education!! I feel that we all learned a lot, about most aspects of honey and many about bees, but also had a really enjoyable and delicious time.

Gino is a strong communicator, whose narrative flows easily, engages warmly with his audience and answers questions knowledgably.

I would strongly recommend similar events delivered by Gino to anyone wishing to expand their culinary knowledge and personal flavour thesaurus as well as just having a really enjoyable time.”

Courtney Peyton
Founder & Public Speaker

“A fascinating insight into honey and its range of flavours. How different flowers ( or trees or even ivy) can create an individual distinctive flavour.”

Stephen Dickson
Architect & Historian

“Gino’s delicious honey is a big thing in our home – we love it for baking, in coffee, on pancakes, and with lemon when we are ill. Learning more from him about the wonder of bees and honey production has been an absolute delight.”

Juan Carlos-Fallas
Aerospace Engineer