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Edinburgh Spring Blossom Honey

Our spring honey is a multifloral Honey deriving from spring wildflowers, hedgerows and tree blossoms; the most important of which are blossoms of wild cherry (Prunus avium), hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) , and sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa).

Initial sweetness quickly gives over to the savoury perception of salt, smoky and woody aromatic notes

The flavour from the chestnut delivers great depth and complexity and the woodiness is a delight. 

We liked the smoothness and gentle nature and the length of the finish 

A beautifully loose and clear honey with a strong alpine aroma. There is pleasing complexity of flavour- so nutty and floral. Woody elements come through but not overpoweringly so. Finishes on creamy nuttiness. A subtle honey but with so much to say. 

Great Taste Award 2023

“A golden amber Honey with a medium viscosity. The woody notes of chestnut blend with the florals and an oily back note. The flavour is gentle following the powerful aroma, with each of the notes found in tasting and the bitterness coming through at the end to leave a deep, long flavour”

Great Taste Award 2022

Sensory Properties

Salty, Woody, Smoky, Bourbon-like, Bitter

Food Pairing & Uses

  • Sweet cheeses
  • Savouries
  • An ingredient for homemade biscuits

Available  – 2023 Harvest in 227 g jars

Edinburgh Summer Blossom Honey

A bright, minty, lime zest aroma, typical of lime tree (Tilia) blossom, bees also foraging on rosebay willowherb (Chamaenerion angustifolium), blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), borage (Borago officinalis), phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia), buddleia (Buddleja davidii), and many other wild flowers.

As William Blake wrote ” To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” The taste of lime honey is a taste of eternity, in every spoonful, a taste of heaven

“This is a lovely clear Honey with a beautiful viscosity. The orange scent is bright and vibrant with background floral notes. The silky texture slides over the palate, with the citrusy notes merging with the floral in a long, slow finish. Sunshine in a jar and a joy to taste”

Great Taste Award 2022

Sensory Properties

Citrusy, Mentholic, Minty, Fruity

Food Pairing & Uses

  • Drizzled on top of Greek yoghurt
  • Poached pears
  • Herbal teas

Available – 2022 Harvest in 227 g jars

Edinburgh Blossom and Honeydew Honey

Thick and velvety texture, fruity, with citrus notes and a unique treacle-like aroma.

A rare Honey. Both blossom and honeydew contribute to make this Honey truly exceptional.

“A gorgeous-looking amber Honey with a lustrous sheen and caramel aroma. The mouthfeel is cool and smooth. The notes of pine and lime are clear and resonant. The lime gives this a delightful lift, a refreshing brightness of flavour. Nicely persistent on the finish. A delightful and characterful honey”

Great Taste Award 2022

Sensory Properties

Treacle, Citrusy, slight woodiness

Food Pairing & Uses

  • Drizzled on top of vanilla ice cream
  • To flavour cakes and pastries
  • An extra special sticky toffee pudding
  • Homemade barbeque sauce

Sold Out – 2023 Harvest in 227 g jars

Soft-Set Longniddry Rapeseed and Wildflower Honey

One of our sweetest Honey varieties. The butter-like texture and refreshing feeling is a delight to experience on the tongue. The initial sweetness and subtle vegetal aroma is met with joyful fruity end notes.

Our spring blossom is mainly rapeseed (Brassica Napus) with additional contributions deriving from nearby wild cherry (Prunus avium) and field beans (Vicia faba).

Our rapeseed Honey is an exceptional example on the world stage; unique for not having the unpleasant sauerkraut aroma common in continental Europe and North America.

“A dense, chewy honey with a luxurious melting mouthfeel. The creamy texture is to be applauded. There were faint cherry notes on the nose. The honey melts slowly on the tongue leaving definite fruity, cherry notes right at the end. How fascinating! This honey would also be very versatile, being great as a spreading honey but also useful in dressings or, because of its colour, to sweeten pale sweetmeats and desserts. We enjoy it a lot!”

Great Taste Awards 2022

Sensory Properties

Sweet, Buttery, refreshing, Floral, Fruity

Food Pairing & Uses

  • Spread over warm toast
  • As a sugar substitute in baking and tea, and coffee, etc…
  • As an accompaniment to strong cheeses

Available – 2023 Harvest 227 g jars

East Lothian Yellow Clover

An absolute delight: sweet and light with distinctive cinnamon aroma

Sensory Properties

Sweet, Floral, Cinnamon

Limited Availability – August 2022 Harvest Cut Comb (priced individually by weight)

West Lothian Spring Blossom

Sweet, fruity and refreshing. A majority rapeseed honey but bees are also roaming onto local hedgerows such as Hawthorn and wildflowers in the area.

Sensory Properties

Sweet, Buttery, Refreshing, Fruity

Sold Out – 2023 Harvest in 227 g jars

West Lothian Summer Blossom

A light and subtle honey, gentle floral notes with the echo of wild clovers. The texture however is exceptionally silky and a pleasure on the tongue. Scotland’s improvement on continental Acacia honey. Bees forage on wild flowers including Rosebay Willowherb ( Chamaenerion angustifolium )

Sensory Properties

Sweet, Slight Floral, Silky Texture

Sold Out – August 2022 Harvest 227g jars

Available – August 2022 Harvest full frames ~ 1 – 3 kg of honey (priced individually by weight)

Scottish Bell Heather Honey

Sensory Properties

Floral, synthetic cherry, warm

The taste of Scotland’s summer hills, and one of our most intense honey varieties. A blast of 1000 rose petals alongside a unique confectionary cherry-like flavour. Once tasted, never forgotten

Food Pairing & Uses

  • Pair with strong cheeses
  • Use with desserts

Available – 227 g jars

Scottish Heather Honey

Wonderful heather Honey: strong proteinic aroma, combined with a refreshing sweetness and unique gel-like texture makes for an exceptional honey. Bees forage throughout August on wild, wind-swept hills filled with Scotland’s two heather species – ling heather (Caluna Vulgaris) and bell heather (Erica Cinerea). 

Oh sweet and fragrant heather honey,
From Scotland’s wild moors and heather,
Your flavor is like no other,
A taste that’s truly beyond measure.
With notes of heather, wild and bold,
Your aroma is worth its weight in gold,
Your velvety texture so smooth and fine,
You are a taste that’s truly divine.

So here’s to you, sweet heather honey,
A taste that’s truly one of a kind,
Your flavor will forever linger,
In our hearts and on our tongues, a sweet reminder.

This honey is gel-like, full bodied – matching its high protein content

Sensory Properties

Sweet, Caramel, Bitter, Chemical

Food Pairing & Uses

  • Spread over warm toast
  • To flavour sauces for beef steaks and game
  • An essential addition to a traditional Cranachan dessert

Sold out – August 2022 Harvest 227 g jars

Limited Availability – August 2022 Harvest Cut Comb (priced individually by weight)

Full Frames

Nothing beats a full frame of honeycomb as an authentic and minimally processed option to jarred honey; straight from our bees to your table

The sweetness of honey is complimented by the aroma and smooth texture of bees wax.

Available – 2022 Harvest – British standard super frames ~ 1 – 3 kg of honey (priced individually by weight)

Ideal Uses

  • Gift for any Honey lover
  • Guest house and hotel buffets
  • Fine Dining

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