A course for those wishing to gain an understanding of honey and apply this knowledge within the food industry. Ideally suited to chefs, food professionals, and foodies.

Course Structure

  • Theoretical aspects of Honey
  • Practical honey tasting workshop
  • Practical honey and food pairing


  • What is honey
  • legal definition of honey
  • Presentations of honey
  • The physical states of honey
  • Monofloral and multifloral honey
  • The sensory experience of honey
    • colour
    • texture
    • odour
    • taste
    • aroma
  • Factors that affect sensory experience
  • Defective Honey
  • Honey Fraud
  • Pairing honey with food
  • Cooking with honey
  • Baking with Honey
  • Storing honey
  • Other products of the Hive

To register your interest please email – info@simplyhoney.co with the subject Honey Education