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Aims of the Course

  • Summarise the important topics relevant to the modern beekeeper and bee enthusiast
  • Provide clarity on minimum standards, in particular legal requirements that must be followed by a beekeeper
  • Furnish students with a realistic picture of beekeeping, and envisage their role within the bee world
  • Learn the importance of beekeeping to sustainable agriculture and the natural world
  • Provide education on the products of the hive: Honey, bees wax, pollen, bee bread, propolis, and royal jelly
  • Act as reference and template for further beekeeping education

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate knowledge in the following:

  • The types of common garden pollinators
  • The role of pollination
  • Scottish bee plants
  • The castes of the honeybee
  • The nest of the honeybee
  • honeybee nutrition
  • reproduction and overwintering
  • the structure of a bee hive
  • variation on hive design
  • the ideal apiary
  • the beekeeping year
  • Venom resistance and Anaphylaxis
  • beekeeping health and safety
  • The products of the hive
  • Queen rearing
  • Honeybee pathology
  • Scottish beekeeping organisations
  • beekeeping education
  • food health and safety for the beekeeper
  • honey labeling
  • honey Shows
  • notifiable bee diseases
  • obtaining your first colony of bees
  • time, labour and costs
  • bee Fever
  • enjoying the journey

During the course students will be encouraged and supported to write out a personalised plan of action for their own beekeeping development


£100 per person

Dates, Times and Venue


Practical Aspects

There are currently no government restrictions in place for COVID-19. However, if you are feeling ill, and especially if you have contracted COVID-19 we request that for the safety of all participants that you do not attend class.

Teaching will consist of a PowerPoint presentation alongside group exercises and class discussions.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older to attend

Securing your Place

To book your place on the course please email to indicate your interest.

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Refund Policy

A full refund will be given If cancelled within 3 weeks of the event

A 50% refund if cancelled with 2 weeks of the event

No refund will be given if cancelled within 1 week of the event